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5 Great Things About Valentine’s Day, Whether You’re Single Or Taken

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As February 14th approaches, it’s easy to fixate on romantic relationships.  Everyone is either ecstatic about having a date, wallowing in loneliness, or proudly announcing that they’re glad to be single. But let’s not downplay those parts of Valentine’s Day that actually have nothing to do with dating. Here are five awesome things about Valentine’s Day that everyone can enjoy!


1. Chocolate. Around Valentine’s Day it seems like there’s chocolate everywhere. There are pink and red M&M’s, oversized Hershey’s kisses, and those irresistible heart-shaped boxes of truffles. Show yourself some love and buy the jumbo box…you know you want to.

2. Those silly little cards with the Valentine’s jokes. You know the ones. Usually they have a cartoon character or a cute animal picture accompanied by an awful pun. Just because you aren’t in elementary school anymore doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the terrible jokes or the joy of distributing these to all of your friends and coworkers.

3. Candy hearts. While there are some people who actually like the taste of these, by the third or fourth one I’m usually convinced I’m eating chalk. But either way there is just something enjoyable about getting compliments from your snack. “Aw thanks, little candy hearts, I’m flattered!”stuffedanimal

4. Gag gifts. Who can resist those ridiculous singing and dancing stuffed animals? Also, if you have never walked down the aisle at the store and pushed the “try me” button on every single one, I highly recommend doing so at least once.

5. The opportunity to let our loved ones know we care. Okay, so here’s where it gets a little sappy. But really, romantic partner or not, Valentine’s Day is a chance to make the people we love feel special. Whether we give them a card, a hug, or an expensive new car, taking the time to express our love feels good.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


One thought on “5 Great Things About Valentine’s Day, Whether You’re Single Or Taken

  1. How much nicer the world would be if everyone made it a point to spend even 10 seconds a week letting someone else they’re loved.


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