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25 Inexpensive Things To Do When You’re Bored

no boredom1. Bake something- Whether you are a master pastry chef or notorious for your overly salty cookies, baking can be a fun way to spend a few hours. And if you don’t want to eat whatever you make, you can give it away to friends, coworkers, or those in need.

2. Go for a walk- Take a stroll through your neighborhood, explore nearby strip malls, or find a hiking trail. Walking is a great way to get a change of scenery and fit in some exercise at the same time.

3. Text/call a friend- Often our lives get so busy that we put off maintaining relationships with others. Staving off boredom with friendly conversation is a great opportunity to reconnect.

4. Do a word search/crossword puzzle- These are a great way to fill short chunks of free time, and they help keep your brain active.

5. Dabble in photography- Even if all you have is a disposable camera, pretend you are a professional photographer and experiment with lighting, camera angles, etc. You might find a new talent, or at least get a good laugh at your blurry efforts.

6. Play handball/ table tennis- The great thing about these games is that you can play them with friends or alone (if you fold the ping pong table in half and push it against a wall).

7. Write a poem- It doesn’t have to be a fancy Haiku or a perfect sonnet (although it definitely could be). You can channel your inner Dr. Seuss with some fun rhymes or experiment with free verse.

8. Put together a recipe book- You know all those recipes written down on scraps of paper all over your kitchen? Get a binder and consolidate them into a custom recipe book. You could even add a few new recipes that you have been wanting to try.

9. Research something- It could be sharks, the history of hot dogs, or the latest developments in neuroscience. Pick anything, and learn way more about it than anyone should know.

10. Re-watch your favorite movie- Who cares if you already know it by heart?

11. Clean out your closet- Pull out old clothes you never wear. You can even sneak in an act of kindness by donating them to charity.

12. People-watch- This can provide hours of entertainment. Just try not to be too creepy about it.

13. Go to the pet store- You could get your adorableness fix by visiting the puppies, try to find Nemo in the fish section, or fantasize about buying a snake to put in your sister’s bed. The possibilities are endless.

14. Plan your dream vacation-Pretend you have been given an unlimited budget, and a week off to go wherever you want. Pick out the destinations you’ll visit, the places you’ll stay, the food you’ll eat, and the activities you’ll do. Hey, it never hurts to dream, right?

15. Try a new hairstyle- Just think twice before shaving your head.

16. Put together a puzzle- The best thing about puzzles is that they can be as easy or as difficult as you want them to be. Also, there is just something satisfying about fitting little cardboard pieces together.

17. Learn a new skill- Maybe you have always wanted to speak another language, play piano, or make a perfect pie. Whatever skill you want to add to your repertoire, go for it!

18. Memorize a monologue from a popular movie- Impress/ annoy your friends by reciting it every chance you get. Trust me, this will be entirely worth the effort.

19. Make Ooblick- Ooblick is a non-Newtonian substance (in other words, it obeys properties of both liquids and solids) and it is extremely fun to play with. To make it, simply mix 1 cup of water with 1.5 to 2 cups of cornstarch.

20. Do crafts- Watercolor, paint, scrapbook, knit, draw, or do anything else you can imagine.

21. Try Youtube exercise videos- Whether you’re a yoga nut, a Zumba fanatic, or a kickboxing fan, the internet has something for you. Enjoy the opportunity to try some potentially embarrassing forms of exercise in the privacy of your own home.

22. Write a letter to your future self- Write down some of your current interests, friends, worries, etc. Put the letter in an envelope and decide on a future date to open it. Write the date on the outside of the envelope and keep it where you won’t forget about it.

23. Watch a foreign language film without English subtitles- Try to figure out what’s happening in the story, then check a synopsis online to see how close you were.

24. Take a personality test- It can be a formal test, backed by psychological research, or a silly test along the lines of “What flavor of ice cream are you?” or “Which 80’s band should you have joined?”

25. Start a bucket list- Eliminate your current boredom by writing down all the fun things you plan to do in the future. You could even start making plans to do some of them!


Places You Go To Have Fun: A Crossword Puzzle

Each answer in this puzzle reminds one of a happy place,

By the time you’ve filled it out,

You’re sure to have a smile on your face.

But if you find yourself in doubt,

Just check the answer guide below,

And then get ready for your teeth to show.


Simply click the puzzle and print to begin!

fun places crossword




Down: 1. Bowling Alley, 2. Pool, 3. Golf Course, 4. Ice Rink, 5. Beach, 6. Theater, 7. Lake

Across: 1. Zoo, 2. Six Flags, 3. Disneyland, 4.Restaurant, 5. Park, 6. Museum, 7. Mountains, 8. Carnival






Smile-Worthy Holidays to Celebrate in March

Photo by Debbie Mann

Photo by Debbie Mann

St. Patrick’s Day isn’t the only opportunity for fun in March. Here are some other great chances to celebrate this month:

Oreo Day (March 6)On March 6, 1912 an invention was made that would change waistlines forever… the Oreo Cookie. Now there are over 20 different kinds of Oreos. Why not celebrate the day with one of each?

International Fanny Pack Day (March 8, always the second Saturday in March): According to an article in Boise Weekly, it all began when a man named Nick Yates stuffed some fruitcake in a fanny pack on his way to the bus. He came across a homeless man, who complimented him on the fanny pack, and Yates decided to give the man his fruitcake. After that, Yates began a tradition of feeding the homeless from his fanny pack and officially established the holiday in 2007. Now, it is an opportunity for all of us to honor charity, as well as a questionable fashion accessory.

World Sleep Day (March 14)This holiday was established by the World Association of Sleep Medicine, and it is a day for celebrating sleep and raising awareness about sleep-related issues. Sounds like the perfect excuse for a nap!

Awkward Moments Day (March 18): We’ve all faced those painful situations that turn the cheeks uncomfortably pink and make us wish we could just crawl into a hole and hide for all of eternity. But, this is one day for us to put shame aside and proudly acknowledge our embarrassment.

International Day of Happiness (March 20)This holiday, established by United Nations, is simply a day dedicated to spreading happiness. Join the festivities and offer a smile, a compliment, or a helping hand to everyone you can!

National Corn Dog Day (March 22, at least for 2014): The date for this holiday changes from year to year, because it’s planned to coincide with the Saturday on which the NCAA basketball tournament is down to 32 teams. It is a day for celebrating basketball, as well as that tasty fried delicacy known as the corn dog.

International Waffle Day (March 25)This holiday began in Sweden, where it is called Vaffeldagen. It’s an opportunity for people around the world to indulge in the deliciousness of waffles. So whip up a batch and make sure not to miss any squares with that syrup!

Grass is Always Browner on the Other Side of the Fence Day (March 30): Sure the title’s a bit of a mouthful, but the idea it stands for is certainly worth celebrating. This holiday gives us a chance to focus on curbing envy and finding joy in what we have.

Have a happy March full of Oreos, fanny packs, sleep, acceptance for awkward moments, happiness, corn dogs, waffles, green grass, and many other amazing things!


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